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At this time only the popcorn is able to be sent by mail services. all other products need to be picked up at the farm or arrangements made for delivery.

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We are a fourth generation farm family.  Our heritage is deep with commitment to the soil we farm and the way of life.  That why our products are all natural and truly fresh from the farm.  For more information on just the farm please visit

S. F. Love Milk Bottling was est. in 1920 and operated till 1941.  One quart milk sold for $.08

Our Farm Story

 Lovetwo Eat is a  part of a fourth generation farm.  More on the current farm  and Lovetwo Eat is coming very shortly, but now a little history. The farm's beginning came from Silas Love. He was a sawyer who had different plans. He bought the land that the farm sits on now. When he bought it, the land was covered with trees. It has only been around 80 years since the trees have been cut down and fields were made. Once the farm started to take off ... Silas started a milk bottling system. Silas and his wife, Jennie, bottled the milk and took it into town, house-to-house. When Silas had children, they sold the milk house-to-house. Freeburn Love took his father's place when he was old enough and became the second generation. Eventually, Freeburn married Miriam and they had three children. Norman Love was the only son.  He and Freeburn set out to make a difference just as Silas had. In 1972 they built a "Free Stall" barn. At the time most all dairy operations pastured cows. It was their idea by creating this wide open area, under roof, that animals would be more comfortable. Then to make this difference even stand out more, in 1976 they added one of the first automated manure systems in the nation. This system is still in use today.  The farm name became Love Land Farm. Norman and Peggy had four children, three boys and one girl. The second eldest child, Daniel Love, took ownership in 2007 of the farm who's new name is Lovetwo Farm, Inc. 

Then in 2018 Daniel realized that multiple years of suppressed milk prices from milk cooperatives led him to think of how the second generation sold directly to families wanting a quality product.  Thus Daniel started Lovetwo Eat, LLC. 


Our Mission


The mission of Lovetwo Eat is simple.  We believe in a stewardship of both the farm and the soil.  We also believe the Lord would have us to be honest and take care of both the soil and you our customer.  The "Golden Rule" is still used here today and will be forever.



Andrea Widders

Tiffany Sholly

Andrea Widders

 Great meat at a GREAT PRICE! 


Aubrey Reider

Tiffany Sholly

Andrea Widders

 Made myself a NY strip steak from Lovetwo Eat tonight! Absolutely delicious and even better to buy from a genuinely good guy like Dan. Thanks again! 


Tiffany Sholly

Tiffany Sholly

Tiffany Sholly

Excellent and fresh meat!!

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